Timeless elegance and excellence in the art of watchmaking

In the 1920s, the Gengenbach company set the foundations for this brand, which produced high-quality gold jewellery in the city of gold, Pforzheim. In 1981, the Jean Marcel watch brand was added to the product portfolio. In Jean Marcel, the founder of the brand, Jürgen Kuhn, gained a namesake who had already been the outstanding designer of the valuable jewellery treasures in the 1970s. With the new brand foundation, Jürgen Kuhn steered the watch brand for many years, in sometimes difficult times, precisely in the direction of sophisticated design and precise craftsmanship down to the last detail. He was supported by a team of highly qualified watch designers and watchmakers, including his father, master watchmaker Horst Kuhn. This tradition is being continued with dynamic and vision: Marcel Kuhn has been with the company for over 15 years and took over as owner at the beginning of 2024, responsible for developing Jean Marcel into an internationally recognised brand.

Since the turn of the millennium, experienced specialists have been manufacturing watches carrying the Jean Marcel trademark at various locations in Switzerland with the calm and serenity that such masterpieces of micromechanics require. The sales, design and service departments, including repairs and spare parts, are located in Germany.

The longevity and lasting value of a Jean Marcel watch is based on the high-precision Swiss Made movements and exquisite, handcrafted cases, dials and hands. In compliance with the strictest quality criteria, true masterpieces of the art of watchmaking are created in Switzerland, characterised by quality, aesthetics, practicality and exceptional precision.

It is the details that characterise an original Jean Marcel watch: Innovatively placed date indication, a telemeter scale, readable on the opposite leg of the central stop-seconds hand, or the secret signature in the sapphire crystal, visible only by the breath of air. Such features set Jean Marcel watches apart from uninspired ready-to-wear or mass-produced items and generate enthusiasm among watch connoisseurs. With internationally protected designs, Jean Marcel ensures the exclusivity of its creations for collectors and admirers - now and in the future.

Ultra-thin watches
For three decades, the brand has been specialising in the production of extremely flat, elegant watches that continue to set new standards. The ultra-thin quartz and mechanical watches have become a Jean Marcel signature and carry on the legacy of precision and elegance.

All Jean Marcel watch models are produced exclusively in strictly limited editions. This principle of exclusivity guarantees that each creation is not only an instrument for measuring time, but also a selected piece of watchmaking art. Precision is a top priority at Jean Marcel, which is why all mechanical movements are finely regulated with the utmost care. A rate certificate as proof of perfection and quality control is included with every Jean Marcel watch.