Jean Marcel Uhrenkollektion –
erschwinglicher Luxus


When high performance is not enough - the ADRENALIN models render even more. The unique 200 Hz PowerDrive technology triggers 200 hand jumps per second enabling time displays that were inconceivable in the world of analog wristwatches so far. This caliber made it possible to construct a chronograph able to measure times accurately to one hundredth of a second. But even the usual time display is of legendary accuracy with a deviation of maximum 20 seconds per year. The sporty case of the ADRENALIN with the brushed surfaces and the bevelled, polished edges is ideally complemented by the metal bracelet which is perfectly adapted to the housing design. Alternatively, you can acquire the sturdy rubber strap of which the edge and seam match optimally to each color of the dials.



With PRETIOSUM, Jean Marcel has launched a new collection of fine mechanical time pieces that may justly already be called 'classics of the future'. Historical design features like the 'coin-rim' bezel and the 'balloon crown' have been combined with slim, streamlined lugs, giving this homage to glorious watchmaking days an excitingly up-to-date touch. Like in most Jean Marcels, the PRETIOSUM cases have been optimized for maximal slimness, reaching possibly record-breaking height dimensions in spite of the included complications such as the power reserve indication with integrated moon phase and small seconds indicator.



With its collection "TANTUM", Jean Marcel presents eight noble mechanical wristwatches in an extremely flat stainless steel case. Named after the Latin word for "only", it features two automatic chronographs with an overall height of only 11 mm, four three-hand automatic watches with date – and an extremely slim 8 mm total height – and, as a special highlight, two hand-wound models that are only 6 mm high. Due to the minimized overall height of the watch design, the timepieces in the new TANTUM collection can therefore be regarded as the flattest models in their respective market segments.



The OCEANUM collection uniquely combines the dynamic character of a rugged diver's instrument with the timeless elegance of a fine mechanical time piece. Looking through the sapphire crystal back, the owner will marvel at the incorporated movements with their high-grade polishings and blued screws, like for example the ETA caliber 2894-2. Only the extremely flat constructive design of this caliber facilitates highest water resistance in spite of the elegant look and feel of the watch. Carefully selected leather straps, waterproof Nytech and rubber straps as well as premium metal bracelets allow the OCEANUM models to be comfortably worn, thus making them an ideal accompaniment in any situation.



Swiss Made chronometer with exceptional accuracy: The new COSC-tested ACCURACY in its current size with 41 mm diameter and six dial variants. The "Officially Certified Chronometer" in apricot designation points out the high-precision Swiss watch technology: Only movements with a maximum rate deviation less than a second per month will be assembled into the ACCURACY stainless steel case. The curved aluminium silicate glass produced in Germany offers outstanding optical quality and has an extremely high compressive stress on the surface of up to 900 megapascal, which is 9 times higher than for a normal mineral glass. As with numerous other Jean Marcel models, the Mystery-effect shows as if by magic and reveals the JM brand logo. In a secretive way, this points out the authenticity of this watch that is limited to 300 pieces. The Accuracy collection will be available from July 2019 on.



With the SOMNIUM collection, Jean Marcel was able to create firm and water-resistant, yet stunningly flat mechanical time pieces, not least through using some of the topmost renowned Swiss movements. Calibre JM H05 on the base of ETA Peseux 7001, one of the slimmest mechnical movements ever built, facilitates a total case height of 6.8 mm only, at 10 ATM water resistancy. Also, Calibre JM A10, base ETA 2894-2, makes a case height of 11.2 mm a possibility, creating one of the slimmest automatic chronographs worldwide. The fine satined cases with slim bezels further enhance the slim impression and give way to the wide, prominent dials, combining distinctive design with surpreme legibility.



In an unprecedenced way, the MYTHOS combines a modern and sportive character with the timelessly classical elegance that JM is renowned for. Unprecedenced like the unique Carbon insertions screwed on each side of the case – on the 9 o'clock side there also is a little screwed-on plate which indicates the individual number of each one of the 300 items world wide. Unprecedenced are also the multi-layered dials with functional indications in interesting configurations.


NANO 3900

ULTIMATE SLIMNESS – special components, an extremely slim "réduit" version Swiss movement, and a sophisticated case construction made it possible to design a watch no thicker than 3.9 millimeters without compromising stability or water resistance. The extraordinary slimness and light weight provide unprecedented wearing comfort and make the NANO the perfect companion for any occasion.

Nano 3900


With ÉMOTION, Jean Marcel presents a fascinating new collection of Ladies' time pieces. The round or rectangular-shaped cases are equally well designed into detail. The gentle double rounding on the bezel is resembled in the case lugs, as well as subtly in the shape of the crown. The Émotion collection offers a great variety of dials made out of special materials, with corresponding straps, both in classical-elegant colors as well as in exciting lively pastel tones.



The MELIOR collection offers reliable and precise time keepers in an interesting stainless steel case which features the typical 'Tonneau' shape on the outside but a straight rectangular sapphire crystal on the dial opening. The dials of the collection vary in styles ranging between sportive looks, classical elegance or surprisingly outstanding designs. The watch enthusiast's choice is completed by a wide range of special wrist bands made out of different materials.



The three-part case of the PALMARIUM presents itself in fascinating contrasts of brushed and polished surfaces or interesting bicolor effects. The extraordinary arrangement of indications on the dials has already become part of the Jean Marcel signature. One subtle detail will only be visible for a blink of an eye: breathing upon the crystal will reveal a JM logo which is worked into the anti-reflective coating. To connoisseurs and collectors this is more than a detail, as it documents beyond doubt the authenticity of the time piece.



After the last pieces of the strictly limited Quadrum editions had been sold out to watch lovers all around the world, the new QUADRUM II represents a worthy successor, a consistent further development as well as an excitingly new watch creation. Through labouros movement modifications, it has been made possible to reinterpret the functional aspect of these time pieces in a unique way.

Quadrum II


Most watch enthusiasts love classic elegance as much as sporty dynamics – hardly any watch collection creates such a perfect synthesis out of both flavors as the ASTRUM. The three-part cases with stepped bezels shine in a many-faceted look of polished and satined surfaces. A range of wrist bands made of massive steel, natural rubber, finest calf hide, and genuine stingray leather complete the wealth of ASTRUM model variants.



The ULTRAFLACH collection is Jean Marcel's latest proof of mastery in watchmaking. Using special components and exceptionally flat movements made it possibe to create watch cases that are no more than 4.5 millimeters in height. However, the ultimately unique fact about the ULTRAFLACH is that its flatness has been reached without compromising stability or water resistancy.